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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beautiful Speech

Chloe asked me watch Pride & Prejudice with her this evening.

And she knows she doesn't have to ask twice.  I have seen that movie too many/not enough times.

It is her personal favorite.  I am more inclined to say, my favorite is Sense & Sensability.

Still the point is, it is amazing at how irritating Elizabeth's mother could be.  Oh my.  So often I would say out loud, can you please stop talking??  To which Chloe would comment, " She can't hear you , mom".  

Tonight, it made me take stock of my life.  Am I a busy body?  Am I a ridiculous talker.  Where on earth are my priorities? And I a blessing?  To my children? To my husband?  To my King?  

This is the first time when watching, it made me reflect back to myself.  Mind you, she has always irritated me.  Just in the past, I would focus on Elizabeth's attitude of honoring her mother inspite of herself.  Admirable, truly.

But tonight, I thought, HEY, I'm a mom. Am I like that??!?!??!?

Oh Precious Jesus, make my speech be beautiful.  May the words of my mouth ( or lack there of) glorify You.  

I'm glad I watched the movie tonight.  

BTW, Chloe feel asleep at one point.  But don't worry, I woke her up for the good parts.  :) 


Becky said...

Psalm 19:14 "May the words of my mouoth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."

I love this verse. It sounds like what you are thinking right now. And it is such a good one for all of us. Thanks for the reminder.

Can you believe I have never seen either of those films? I live in a house of guys. I need to rent them for myself.

Have a great week.

bumblebeebags said...

its scary sometimes when we get remminded of how we may be perceived by others. thats why im glad to know that i am only seen as beautiful, witty, intelligent....lol! hey, i tried to add your blog as a favorite and it keeps saying blog not found. is "I wish i was more like woonton" your blog address?