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Monday, March 10, 2008


Its been a busy time.  So much has happened, yet not enough time to be thankful for it.  

My friend just got back from Colombia. She was there for a month.  She adopted 3 children.  They are a sibling group of an 11 year old daughter, a 9 year old son, and a 7  year old daughter.  They had 2 birth daughters who are 11 & 4.  So they went from a family of 4 to a family of 7.

Within a month.  


I get those phone calls in which it is required from me to say, "Lisa, you don't want to be bald.  You have to stop pulling your hair out."  It is going to be a couple of months of adjustment.  Both emotional, technical, and of course, the language barrier.  But they have no regrets.  Just trying to figure it out.

Lance started courting a young lady.  He is 22 and a half, and he spent much time in prayer before he took this step.  He had actually considered a single life for the Kingdom.  He prayed for over a year about it, and I think he really desired it.   After the initial shock, I came to accept the possibility, and was at peace about it.  I think our Lord had different ideas though. 

She is a lovely child.  And shock of all shocks, she also was homeschooled her whole life.  We really couldn't or wouldn't  say or demand they only court homeschoolers, we just ask them to be in prayer for God's will.  I know friends who think differently.  But in the end, if you give God room to work, its going to be amazing!!  

On another note, having an Apple with photobooth is WAY TOO MUCH FUN.

We have a ton of pictures of the kids like this.   OH we laugh so much!!

And Samuel had biography days the other day.  He did one of his favorite historical figures.  He knows more about this guys then the average high school graduate.  I know, sad but true. This kid is what would be considered hyper-focused.   Funny part:  He started his speech with " My name is Thomas...."  The rest of the kids were suppose to guess who each other was according to the information.  Everyone guessed Robert E. Lee for him.  He was like.... " I said my name is Thomas!!!!"  He was Thomas Jackson.  Also known as Stonewall Jackson.

The little girl next to him is one of his best friends.  Rachel is but 2 months younger then he is, but don't let her peanut size fool you.  She can climb, run, laugh and  build with the best of them.  And mud pies are her specialty.  Last year, he was a little  embarresed to have a girl as one of his 3 best friends, thinking that the other boys were going to laugh and mock him.  He missed her very much, decided that it was not worth it, and got over it.  

They are a panic together.  And her mom is one of those spiritual giants that you want to sit next to all the time, hoping some of her grace and wisdom will pour out on you.   :)

And so, life goes on, the adoption is slowly moving forward, we are still looking for a home church, school is fun.  Most of the time.   and last but not least, ITS GETTING WARMER!!!  


Gena said...

Hooray for you and the warmth. I will not tell you our temperatures here lately. Let's just say that we sit outside ALOT and it is without a coat. Or long sleeves.

I admire the braveness of your friend and her adoptions. I would love to have more children. She certainly did it the wonderful, but scary way.

Your son and his friend are cute. Don't you just love homeschooling? We always have.

Also, very proud of your older one and amazed the God put another homeschooler into his life. Isn't He wonderful? I truly believe that if we don't put God in a box, He will do much more than we could ever hope or plan for.

Here's hoping you get some really great weather soon.

Becky said...

My sons grew up with girls (sisters) as their best friends. The last two years we have attended their weddings, where my husband has officiated. What a joy and celebration.

After one wedding I told my middle son, "ok, here's your chance to kiss the bride." His response: "I've bathed with her."

He is hilarious!