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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

dust & dirt

We are in a bit of a mad scramble to deep clean this house.  And its not working. LOL

The social worker is coming to the house on Saturday.  For the adoption. 

 Part of me wants to say, this is who we are.  So, we may have a little dust in the corner.  Deal, babe.  But then, what if that dust doesn't get us the baby?????  So, I am driving everyone a little nuts.

I can finally get John to finish the bathroom!  And hey, that touch up painting that has needed to be done for forever?  Thats getting done too.

I don't have time to get to the garden and plant anything.  Its still a bit too cold for annuals, and the perrenials are just in the THINKING stage of  making their appearance.  Bummer.

Speaking of gardening.  This new catalog came in the mail. Well, its not a new company, its just the first time we have gotten it.  They have this thing, bricks made out of tires!!  I am seriously considering getting them for our patio!!  They have alot of cool stuff .  

They seem to take their tomatoes seriously.  Like they were  a Jersey company or something. After all, it seems to be the law here in Jersey, that if you have a little patch of land, there better be some tomatoes growing on it.

I cannot wait to get my hands in the dirt.  :)

So, this was a nice break.  Back to the cleaning.......

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Becky said...

Your Easter looks like fun! Chloe looks like her daddy.

And there are a lot of Bloglanders spring cleaning these days ... but yours is for a bigger prize!!