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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring time!

With Spring time, comes being outside as much as possible!

Such was the case this week with Stevie & Samuel.  So much so, that they kept forgetting to close the back door as they ran in and out.  Of course, I kept reminding them that it was STILL COLD outside and to stop letting the heat out.

The other thing that happened with the door constantly being open is......
we got a squirrel in the house!!!

Yeah.  Not good.  John & Samuel finally caught it....

And let it go.....

About 20 years ago, John saw this used tandem bicycle at the bike shop.  He quietly saved up and one day, bought it home for me!!  

First time we got on it, I panicked because I couldn't see and had no control.  Once I gave up the control, it sure was fun.  About 8 years ago, when Hurricane Floyd hit, it was buried in the flood.  I have been wanting to clean it up, paint it, and get it back on the road again.  But you know, its one of those things that you do in your spare time.  Which I have none of.

Josiah found it in the back of the garage, and it was like a kid in the candy shop.  He and Chloe are getting it ready for real use again!!  They went out and bought new tires, got black paint( the color I have always wanted) and started to clean it up.

They got it functioning, and couldn't wait to try it out.

They rode it all over town.  They said people stopped and stared.  They just waved back.  Kids were amazed when they rode by, never seeing such a contraption.  They waved to them too.

And Samuel, so as not to miss out on the fun.

Spring is here, and I am so thankful.

And I pray you all have a blessed, beautiful, meaningful Resurrection Sunday.  :)


Becky said...

I have seen these from time to time and thought it looked a little scary. Like you, to not be in control is a bit uncomfortable for me. But what fun those kids are having! I'm glad they are using it again. It does draw the stares!!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

I rode one of those...once. Just once. It's hard to trust the back of someone's head and not much else.

I'm still waiting to get my younger two riding well enough to be able to take them off our culdesac. They're just too skidish still.

Fun pics!