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Sunday, August 19, 2007

John, Samuel & I went to Fridays tonight for some burgers. As we were waiting to get seated, this family walked in and they had a little girl. She was oriental. We all straightened up a little, and then looked at each other smiling like fools. lol.

We can't wait for our daughter/sister to come home.

Meanwhile Lance is now in the beautiful state of Washington. Tomorrow he drives up to British Columbia. He called and said it is as beautiful as he imagined. :::sigh::: I know I shouldn't hope he doesn't end up there, but I can't help it.

Meanwhile, we went to the LLBean outlet store today. They had a mad crazy sale today! It was almost like you opened the door to go in, and they throw stuff at you to take home. I bought SO MANY THINGS and it all came out to $54. I mean it was hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. I was delighted at the bargains I was able to get.

We are leaving to Cape Ann early next Saurday morning. http://www.beachknoll.com/ This is the place we are staying. I could say we are all in need of this, but I believe we could do without it if we had to and be okay. But it sure will be a great time, though. Its about 5 hours from here. Maybe a little more, but close enough, yet far enough. ( specially if John should get a phone call from a contractor, he can't up & leave like he would most likely do if we were closer,so he can truly rest) We all love Boston. New England area really. John & I always dreamed of living up there. Now its too cold for me. Between my Reynauds & arthritis.... So we will visit & enjoy.

I am off to bed. I know its 8:23, but its coldish & rainy and just a general drowsy kind of day. You all have a good one!



I hope you all have a good and restful time away from home . I was so pleased that you visited me at my blog and I want to tell you that you are welcome anytime and I will be back to visit you again. connie from Texas

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