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Sunday, August 12, 2007


So, Hoops suggested we go canoeing after church today. I am not a water person, so I tried, unsuccessfully, to get out of it. As I sulked in the car on the way to the place, we were going down the highway, and one of the straps holding the canoe snapped!! We pulled over and John & Lance fixed it while I tried to breathe normal again.

We went to the beach part first. Here is John trying to get warm after swimming. The guy has no body fat. I on the other hand, well......... lets not go there.

Then we took off on the canoe, we went to a secluded place that was stunning, and serene. Here is our first born. This is the longest his hair has been in years and years and years. He was always a crewcut kind of guy his whole life. His military duty is now up, and he thought he would grow it. I have mixed feelings.....

They thought they found a dead fish, it turned out to be a lure. HAHAHAHAHA . Wait, I shouldn't laugh.

Here are Hoops and Samuel. Notice their method of canoeing. Sticking your legs out. They went all over this way. Somehow, it doesn't look comfortable to me. But they enjoyed it.

Samuel swam back, and John, the ever worry wart, rows next to him. John made him wear the life jacket, even though Samuel is a good swimmer. The water was crystal clear, and there were some DEEP parts. I guess he was right on this one.

And as we were leaving this beautiful place with gorgeous weather, and a lovely time despite my not wanting to be there and the canoe almost flying off car, it was time to skip rocks before going home. Okay, I have to admit, I thouroughly enjoyed myself, and even thanked Hoops for suggesting it.

Chloe comes home in 9 days!!! It will be nice to have my girl back home again. I miss her. The testostorone is just flying in this house. lol.
I hope yous guys had a nice weekend also. :)

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Becky said...

What neat pictures. At first I thought y'all were doing a baptism but now I think it was just a whole bunch of fun. Wet fun!

Yes, my butler, er husband, is a pastor. We're in a large church in central Florida.

By the way, I read about you starting to adopt. That is so exciting. Just last night I met Ava, a little 15 month old from China. She is the new daughter of some friends who have raised their three boys up to high school and college, and are now the very proud parents of this treasure. They got her at age 8 months. Mom and dad are in their late 40s and early 50s. Yikes!

She is a handful and adorable. I could not stop thinking about what it would be like to start all over again, after all those years. What a trip!

So I give you blessings on your journey. I am thrilled for you family.