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Monday, May 21, 2012

May HE Always be on HIS Throne

We had our homeschool state fair this weekend.

One would think that since we are at the tail end of our 21 year homeschooling, I wouldn't need to hear speakers anymore.  In fact, I should try my hand at speaking.

As if.

But seriously, I went mostly to work.  I had 2 shifts and heard one speaker.   He was fantastic.  Even when I was working, my 13 year old went by himself and listened to another one of his talks. Samuel was impressed.  He was challenged.

As was I.

I purchased all his talks on cd.

Funny things was that though I saw the speakers' bios and lecture sinopsis before hand, in the flyer, he was not one that I was interested in hearing.

Go figure.

On Sunday we went to my son's future in law's for dinner.

What lovely and delightful people.  I may or may not have mentioned just how much her mom impresses me.  What grace and serenity.  And her laughter.

I could use a lesson.

Or 2.

Anyway, this weekend, my husband and I were discussing life.  Faith, nutrition, relationships, work, finances, family.   All of it ties into itself, and it got me thinking...

I KNOW all of it is lived out according to our views of who GOD is.  It is Christianity 101.

But once again, because I have a short memory, am busy, or just plain life gets in the way, no matter what...


Sometimes one aspect of our life may contradict another.  Because we are not living the world's way.  It doesn't make sense.

Such as the fact that my husband is becoming a vegetarian.  Yet, when you go to someone's home for dinner, do you live out your wants, or is the relationship more important?  Being a vegetarian does not make one more holy, just like being an omnivore doesn't either.  But being graceful and receiving that which is put before you is a holy act, one of humility and thankfulness.

My brain hurts.

Living it out for HIM is an every-breathe-you-take job.

We fail, and HE is merciful.

But at the end of the day....May HE be on the Throne of our hearts.  May we place our heads on our pillows and be thankful for our victories, as we relied on HIM, and thankful for HIS forgiveness, as we failed yet again.

Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel, From everlasting even to everlasting. And let all the people say, “Amen."  Praise the LORD!  ~Psalm 106:48

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