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Friday, May 18, 2012

Bufol Boy went back home. 

Woe to me.  


But the first birthday party was just...perfect.

He got a cake all to himself, he got to go to his uncle's piano recital, he got more kisses than he asked for, he was loved/held/play with/ so much, he didn't know what to make of it.

Speaking of recital, this is the most casual he ever dressed for a piano recital.  I was too busy to notice until I saw this picture.  Later that night.  :P  Had I noticed, he would be wearing an oxford shirt with a tie.

For Baby Boy's birthdat party, Elena wanted swirly hair.  A few days before, I made braids on her and at the end of the day, when we took them out, she was in love.

I told her we would do braids after her bath the night before the party.

Since her hair straightens in about an hour, I put loads of mouse before braiding, loads of hairspray right before taking them out, and this is what it looked like after HOURS into the party.

And she loved-loved-loved it.

My niece graduated college!!

She did it!

And we are all so very proud of her.

There were quite a few people graduating with her.

It took a while.

But it was glorious.

3 weeks from today, our son leaves for his mission trip.

I am having peaceful mom panic attacks.

Peaceful, because I know he is in GOD's hands. 

 Everyday of his life.  

We cannot extend it or shorten it if we tried.

And living outside of his little world and seeing GOD'S hands out of spoiled America ( mind you, I love our nation, but we ARE spoiled) will be good for him.

I remember getting lectures from people when we used to take our babies to homeless missions or feeding the hunger in the inner city continually.  I always felt like we were doing the wrong thing.   Only to find out, how else do we teach them compassion if they have no one to be compassionate to?  And how do we teach servanthood if they do not learn to serve others?  And how do we show them that GOD.SHOWS.UP. if we just lived in the comforts of our home and the entertainment of our things?  And only dwell on their own activities that revolve around them?

We can't.

So we listened to the lectures, and then we actively try to do HIS works, no matter what the good-intended people said.

BUT PLEASE do not let the fact that I talk so at peace about being at peace fool you.

In my humanity, I also panic.

It is in my nature.

And my nature is very powerful.

My mom-heart says WHAT??!!??!!  ARE YOU CRAZY??!!?

Having to stop my own lectures to myself has been a constant discipline in my faith since day 1.

My son is at peace.

He has no idea the amount of work and lack of comforts that await him.

He has to wash his own clothes.

In buckets.

And take bucket showers.

Work like a dog.

Sleep in a tent.  For 8 weeks.

Eat the basics.  Which here in America, we have no idea what that means.

And it will be good.

And HE will show up.

HE always does.  <3

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