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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It was the day before Thanksgiving...

This is Marv.

Samuel got Marv for his 5th birthday from a friend of my older son.  He named him Marv because he LOVED LOVED LOVED Home Alone.

Marv was found on the side of the road, tiny as could be with his brother.  The vet though he was slightly less then 8 weeks old.  The friend kept the brother and gave Marv to our son.   Marv could be found cuddling and purring anytime, anyday, any reason.

One affectionate cat, I tell you.  Even with the dogs.

For the past 5 days, Marv has not been doing well.  So this morning, we took him to the vet.

While at the vet, he had a seizure.  Today, Marv died.  It was his liver.  

I am not a cat person.  Not even in your wildest imagination.  My husband loves cats.   BUT,  I mourn today, because even though I am not a cat person, he was still part of our family.  My husband and Samuel are heartbroken.

We still have 2 other cats at home.

Plus 3 dogs.

And a rabbit.


This afternoon, I get to drive into the city (last year's picture) then into Queens, to pick up my daughter and son in law from LaGuardia.

Their plane comes in at 5:30pm.  I think I may be home by midnight.  Holiday traffic and all.  :P

And tomorrow, we are out the door early in the morning, for a 5K Turkey Trot.

My idea.  Because I am just chuck full of them.  :P

Did I mention I am sick?

I am.

But Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Ever.  

So I will put away the griping and start the rejoicing & thankfulness, and remember that I GET TO be a blessing. God is good..


Lori said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about Marv!

But I hope you have a joyful Thanksgiving!

Becky said...

Oh, my heart breaks for you. It is so hard to love a beloved pet, and only another pet lover understands. There is much in your life to be thankful for. I hope the holiday is full of that. Enjoy! And feel better too :)

jesusgirl1108 said...

I peruse the blogs when I sign into mine to post and have been looking for similar folks! I'm sorry to hear about Marv. That's so very difficult as they do get into our hearts (we have 3 dogs and a cat plus: my "grand"dog, "grand"cat, and "grand"chinchilla.)Happy Thanksgiving and hope you sill visit my site as well!

Mishel said...

Hey friend!! I am stopping by to catch up--and obviously you have a lot going on!!

I am so sorry about Marv!! He was a beautiful cat! It's never easy to lose a pet. I remember years ago we had a cat I did not really 'like', but when he died (he had to be put down and I was the one to take him), I cried like a baby! I was so sad! Go figure!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving--enjoying your family and good food! : )

Hugs and much love to you!!