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Thursday, November 18, 2010


So much is going on!!

And I have to think and remember because everything is worth remembering.

First, we got our new daughter's medicals.  I cried.  She is all of 23.5 inches, and weighs 19.5 pounds.  As of October 21, which is not even a month ago.

She is going to be 2 next month.

My boys were 21.5 inches AT BIRTH.  She is off the charts, almost dangerously, and our pediatrician is concerned.   She said it may take 2 -3 years to get her to the bottom 3- 5%, but that is our goal.  


And then the following day, we found out she has a mommy.  Her mommy dropped her off and signed off her rights.  It broke my heart.  Her daddy died and her mother is entirely too poor to take care of her.  

Now when I see her picture, I know exactly why she looks so terribly sad.

The spoiled American that I am will never understand how the rest of the world lives.  But I will try and I will seek my Jesus in all that I do, and try not to live and make choices like an American, but like a Christian.

Samuel turns 12 tomorrow!!  He keeps reminding us that 1 more year and he will be a teen.  I rejoice.  John groans.

My other 22 year old baby girl is showing, and it is beautiful.

Elena is doing fantastic.  She doesn't hate the cold.  Though she came in January and a week after she got here we had 3 snow storms in a row, and it was cold for months, I wasn't sure she remembered because life was probably all one big shock... to her life.

And I leave you with this picture.

See, she is not a natural eater.  She has to be encouraged and prodded and sometimes will sit for OVER AN HOUR before she finishes dinner.

Our old dog Shelby, well she is not like our beagles who inhale their food in about 3 seconds.  Shelby enjoys her meal.  She lies down to enjoy the process.

Elly thinks it is her job to encourage and sit with her while she eats.  I think she thinks Shelby doesn't like to eat, just like her.

   Shelby would share with Elly.  But not with the beagles.  lol.


Chloƫ said...

haha I love the whole scenario, but the footie PJs make the picture. I want my baby to have tons of footie PJs, FYI. :]

And she will be fattened up in no time! I know she will! :]

Chloƫ said...

ps. I was talking about two sisters...not the same one. LOL. Just to clarify.

Becky said...

I can only imagine how your heart must ache for you new baby girl. Does she have a name yet?

Debz said...

Saying a prayer your little one will be in your arms Godspeed...I am so happy for you and your family. My heart is swelling for you.
Your such a blessing.