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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday & OCC

My son is going to be 12, in 9 days.   But he had his birthday party this past weekend.

Why, you ask?  

Well, he decided that since he got rid of 6 HUGE garbage bags full of 'stuff' and it is just so difficult trying to maintain said 'stuff', this year instead of his friends giving him a gift, he asked that they bring the money they would have spent, and they went shopping for Operation Christmas Child boxes!!  And since we have to drop off the boxes before his birthday, he had his party this past weekend. 

Get it?

The band of...well...hormones. lol.  All boy, all crazy, all making their moms think they will survive this time period. Hopefully.

Shopping on a budget.  They did fantastic!  Elly did a box for a little girl, too. :D

Decisions, decisions.

And SUCCESS!!!!  They were all so happy and felt like they had done something beyond themselves.  Always a good thing.

Anyway, we are anxiously waiting for our daughter from Congo.  This month is Adoption Month.  This month is to remember the 147 million orphans, near and far.  The orphans that are just looking to have someone say, welcome my child, you are loved.

And can I say, You, my friend are the one who gets the blessing.

I mean, look at this face!!!!


I wouldn't trade that face for anything in the world.  The joy and laughter, the hardship that cements the relationship, the lessons that GOD has for us all,  the cuddles, the singing, the teaching, the wonder.

I will be putting adoption thoughts in here this month.  

And while you are it...won't you consider & pray? 


Lori said...

Oh my word...I am SO BEHIND here! I can't believe I haven't read your blog in so long. And golly jeepers, I've missed A TON! Wow, just scanning through your last few posts, I see you've had a gob of news to share. Congratulations on EVERYTHING!

And gracious, how I LOVE the birthday party idea. TERRIFIC!! My heart is so moved to hear that your handsome young fella wanted to celebrate his birthday this way. What an amazing heart he has!!!

Becky said...

It is amazing that your boy would turn his birthday into an opportunity to give to someone else in need. I love that where my husband works, kids often have their parties go to pack food for starving kids. It is great to raise a generation that knows what it means to be in need, and to meet that need.

Janet and Kevin said...

Wow! What a generous heart your son has. What a great idea for his party. Happy Birthday!

janet and gang