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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So, last night , I was once again reading this book I started a long time ago.

Actually, I am rereading some parts randomly, not intentionally, just opening it and reading. ( this is what happens when one can't sleep.)

And it was the part on family.  One of the quotes that the people said was how they do not really worry about the future, they will rely on GOD to provide for today and daily there after.


That sounds familiar!!

Maybe something Jesus said??!!??!!

My, how I needed to remember that.

And check out who is the Unreached People of the Day today!!  Right over there on the right!!

God is so GREAT!   Funny, too.

And, thanks to Lori, and the swift kick in the pants that was needed, I am going out today and getting my Esther study.  It is going to be good!!!

Pictures of the weekend:

Going on the first wagon ride.

And first corn maze.

Trying to throw those sticklers at me.  :P

Life is good, because GOD IS GREAT!


Janet and Kevin said...

I agree - life is good because God is great!

janet and gang

Becky said...

I wanted to let you know that your newest post, the one for "this weekend, I" is not linked here. I can't even read it on your blog when I go in from my google reader. I can SEE it in my google reader. And I AM VERY VERY EXCITED FOR YOU ... but when I try to go TO your blog to read it it does not show up. Just a heads up you might want to check on.

Yikes ... ain't life grand. I mean, you're making me so happy with that new post that no one can see :)