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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My oldest turns 25 today.


How am I old enough to have a 25 year old??  I don't feel a day over 43!

Oh wait, I am 43.  Never mind.

Well, as typical, he is in Arkansas.  He has had his milestone birthdays someplace else.  Starting with when he turned 18, and he was in Texas.  At bootcamp.  And the time he was in Seattle and BC, Arizona.  All for good reasons.

Including today.

My son took a position with The Bus.  He started volunteering there years ago when he was still in college.  Now he is going on staff.  And they sent him to Arkansas for some kind of training.

On his birthday.

But that doesn't stop me from rejoicing this day.  Rejoicing at the life GOD has blessed us with thus far.  The life that made me stronger, weaker, more joyfilled, frustrated, full with laughter and tears. All because of him.  My First Born Son.  <3

None of which I would EVER change.

Happy birthday my precious son.  GOD bless you with many many more.


Shonni said...

What a sweet post! What blessed mama’s we are!
Thank you also for putting our button on you blog!!! I am very grateful.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday to that handsome young man. I hope he (and you) have a great day to celebrate in your own ways.

Janet and Kevin said...

Hope your son's day was wonderful! What a sweet post! Our oldest will turn 25 on Valentine's Day!

:)Janet and gang

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy!! So sorry you couldn't be with him but it sounds like you were rejoicing for him!

My oldest will turn 27 gulp in a month and I don't feel a day over 43 either (but I am)!!