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Friday, October 8, 2010

What do you think?

So tonight, during dinner, we were discussing taking Elly to the Parade this year.

Samuel and I think it is a fabulous idea!!!

Elly has learned to LOVE the Snoopy movies, and Dora??!!?  Are you kidding???  To see these balloons BIGGER THEN LIFE??!!??!!?? Not to mention all the other cool and amazing balloons, floats, bands, ect!!

John gave me The Look.  :P ( We have been there several times before.) ( If he had to, he would rather watch it on TV because then he can just take a nap. )


So maybe we will go over to Central Park the day before and watch them blow up the balloons instead.

Not sure which we will do yet, but it is fun to have something so magical to look forward to!!  And with a 3 year old??

47 days to decide which to do!

What do you think?


Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, that would be one of our oldest son's fondest dreams coming true if he could attend the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC! Ted faithfully watches it every year on TV. I say, "Do it!" How magical for a little one (let alone a big one!!) Just my thoughts! Hee, hee!!

Janet and gang

Becky said...

Ohhhhhh, as much as a DETEST a crowd, I think you have to do this for your Elly. The only compromise would be to wait for next year, when she will have another sister to enjoy it with her.

Chloƫ said...

So even though I swore going to the parade 3 times over was twice too many, it would be fun to take Elly. :] I would go.

(Buuuut, what about the Turkey Trot?)