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Friday, May 14, 2010

What about me??

About 4 years ago, Lance was at Rutgers and he was a Jewish Studies minor.

One day, after the semester was over, he came and he handed this book to me to read, and told me I would enjoy it.

The book was on Hasidic people. In fact, it is called Hasidic People. lol.

Not that I am super interested in the Hasid. They are interesting and we have a Hasidic College here in our own town. And living in this part of the country, they are quite common. Interesting people, but like I said, not that I was dying to know about them. I figured I know enough.

The book has sat on my night table for 4 years. Like I said, not that I wasn't interested, I just knew it was heavy reading and there are so many books that I am getting through. (Sometimes I am reading 4 books at the same time.)

Well, this week, it happened. I finally picked up the book and started reading. It IS heavy reading; the introduction alone took my 1 night!! But I am hooked.

What hooked me?

In the first paragraph of the first chapter, it talks about the man who started the Hasidic Movement back in the 1700s. This is the way he is described:

' a pious healer and wonder worker in the Ukranian regions of Pololia and Volhynia whose teaching inspired fervent and joyous fulfillment of the law."

'fervent and joyous fulfillment of the law.'

The law of our GOD.

I know as Christians we are not bound by the law.

But seriously...do you know how hard it is to get anyone to be JOYOUS about ANY law??? Let alone God's Holy Law.

What about me???

Do I inspire fervent and joyous hope for The Cross??

Do I?

Do you?

This book is full of fascinating hope and interesting thought.

I am glad I am reading it. Not that I wish I was a Hasid, but more like I get it. I get why...

Now, it is up to me to CLING to The Cross.

And in that, spread the joy.

1 comment:

Kathy C. said...

That sounds like an interesting book Madeleine. It's neat how God uses things that don't apply to us to make us open up our eyes just a little bigger and see that we are to find joy in ALL things. ;)
Have a lovely weekend!