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Saturday, July 24, 2010

WHY did you agree??????

It has been a week of surviving.

I am surviving trying to get my house in order. IT has not worked out as well as I have hoped.

My oldest son asked if he could move in with us for 2 -3 weeks before he moves to Vermont this August. As though we would say no. Duh.

So, I got this hair-brained idea, and told him," Since you are moving in with us rent free for a couple of weeks, you have to do something for me."

He gave me that " Oh no" look. And amazingly enough he agreed before I told him what that would be.

" We will clean out the attic & basement."

" We will either rent a dumpster or make loads of trips to the dump."

" We will organize this house to the point of ridiculous."

You know what he said when I tried to scare him with this???



You are suppose to argue and complain. You are suppose to tell me how this is unfair, and you are working like a dog to save money for your move. You are suppose to tell me how you want to spend time with your little brother and sister, with your friends, with your grandparents, with your mentors before you move 7 hours away. You are suppose to tell me how I should be enjoying you and let you rest. You are suppose to get upset with me. You are suppose to give me the lecture you have heard all your life about not letting things get out of hand.

You are suppose to talk me out of it.


Now I am committed.


So I am starting this process.

Pray for me. I have a hard time letting go of things. I get the "maybe we will need this for something at one point in life" mentality from both my parents. They have a very neat house, it is big and it is neat, and their closets are so FULL, in a neat and organized way. But you can't even put a piece of paper in there because there is NO ROOM.

So, dear son, we will do this. And I will be thankful in the end. And I will enjoy working with you. I think.

And I will miss you when you go.


Lori said...

Oh that is so funny!! He totally called your bluff! Heehee. Well, good luck with all of that. It sounds simply dreadful. Even though I totally need to do the same thing.

BTW, I absolutely love the comments you leave me on my blog. Your sense of humor always makes me laugh out loud. Seriously, I need to swing by for a visit some time. We would have a blast, I just know it!

Have a happy trip down memory lane as you clean and PURGE yourself of all those "treasures"! Ok, don't throw away the true treasures.

Well anyway, have fun!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Wishing you well and VERY glad that it's you ... not me!