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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Do you remember 20 years ago?

20 years ago, I was wearing the size pants I want to wear now.

20 years ago, I was still a young wife, idealistic and energized.

20 years ago, I was the mother of 2, and no more children in sight, medically, not emotionally or spiritually.

20 years ago, I was so cool, driving my Jeep Wrangler around life.

20 years ago, the 90's style started, much to our embarrasment.

20 years ago, Margaret Thatcher, the first female PM of the UK resigned after 11 years.

20 years ago, yuppi-dom was in full swing. :P

20 years ago, my husband started surfing.

20 years ago, the First Desert War was going on.

20 years ago, Jim Henson died.

20 years ago, John Gotti was arrested!!

20 years ago, we moved to a new town.

20 years ago,

homeschooling came into my life.

20 years!! How is that possible??

And part of me thinks that is cool. Then I remember that Elly-bug is 3.

Which is at least 15 more years of this.

15 years.


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