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Monday, July 26, 2010

This Weekend I...

Becky...always keeping us faithful.


Keys to the Cottage

~ did laundry

~ ironed

~ went to BJs wiht just Elly

~ couldn't believe how peaceful that was, not that I don't enjoy my 11 year old, just he asks for EVERYTHING

~ went to the mall, just to get my Vera fix. They have a WHOLE Vera Store. Love the new patterns.

~ bought 100s of dollars worth of stuff at the Vera store. In my head.

~ didn't spend a dime in real life.

~ watched 12 baptisms at our church service. Since we average about 125 people at church, this was a glorious moment.

~ remembered any baptism is a glorious moment for us baptist

~ Went to a friend's house. Since her back was bothering her, I cooked & bought over everything.

~ stayed indoors for the most part.


Chloƫ said...

bravo for not spending money at the vera store. that is no easy feat!!

Becky said...

Man that is some good stuff. Shopping with just one child ... and don't you worry, Elly will learn to ask for everything too :) Vera store ... sorry you could not buy all you wanted, but you'd just put it in a landfill someday And baptisms ... one of my favorite things.

You've been quite for a few days. I am glad you joined us on here.