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Monday, May 17, 2010


First, I have to show you my Mother's Day present from my daughter.

It is a tech shirt that say ' i know, i know, I said I'd never do this again. lol.


ANYWAY, we have bats. Because we have loads of trees, they like it here.

And though some people in our house, mainly people who are 11 years old of the male species, think that is too awesome for words, the rest of us, older then 40 think it's awful. We called the pest guy to come get them out of our trees, and he said 2 things to us.

1. It's illegal to kill bats in NJ and it's illegal to destroy their nests.

2. You should be THRILLED you have bats!! They eat alot of your bugs in the yard.


So, we get to see the bats while we are enjoying the evening outside. During dusk we can see them swooping to get the bugs. Im telling you, it is not as cool as it sounds, but we are getting used to it.

So, twice, YES TWICE, bats got in our house through the chimney.

Talk about dying 1,000 deaths.

This weekend John finally put a chimney cap. Never mind that we have had the thing for years. Never mind that I couldn't put it up because I am terrified of heights, or I would have. Never mind that John has almost passed out taking the bats out of our house, because, really, I'M NOT GOING TO DO IT.

And this is what I found when I went out side.

" Where is your father???"

"I was just getting the wrench, he is okay up there by himself!"

My heart is thinking about beating normal again, as they make their way down.

And yet, sometimes I wonder how this kid has not broken a bone yet.


Chloƫ said...

nice shirt! :D but you need a haircut. i'm cutting it when we come home.

and it is so amazing that he hasn't broken anything. He's a reason to really believe in guardian angels...lol.

Debz said...

IKES! So I'm thinking....if you live close enough to another State that doesn't claim it's illigal....you could ship them out! ;O)

Isn't there a noise or something they don"t like?....like a super high pitched squeal that the human ear can't hear? I think it's some sort of moth or something?

I'm glad I'm not there!..mind you I might just be able to make that sound!

Hugz Girly!
ps. Cute TShirt

Kathy C. said...

Oh my gracious! I would totally have a heart attack!!! LOL
However, I must add, that you are blessed to have a hubby that allows your son to be a "man" and doesn't want him to be a sissy...there are far too many men in this world today that won't do man stuff, and don't let/teach their boys to be manly. I'm thankful for my manly men, and I know you're thankful for yours! :)