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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is knocking on the door.

And we are more then ready to let it in!!

What have we been doing as of late?

Well, Hoops has been trying to find the right hat for Spring.

He thinks he found it. You be the judge.

Samuel & Elly have been enjoying the swings that their Daddy made them.

And they have been on this thing so much. Sometimes before school is done!!! And let me tell you it is a pain to get him back in to finish.

She has found her new favorite toy. It is also helping her balance. And it means more trips to the chiropractor. lol

And me? What have I been up to?

We are getting in the car right after lunch for that 7 hour trip to see me other baby girl.

And to see if I survive this crazy 13.1 walk I got myself into last fall, when it seemed like a good idea.

Pray for my knees. I think I can make it just fine, as long as my knees don't give out.

Hopefully I don't come back with crutches.


Becky said...

You're both going to do great! Have fun!

Kathy C. said...

Oh, exciting! I can't wait to hear how your walk goes! :)

Joanne said...

ooh, tire swing!! We had one of those - brings back memories. Good luck on your walk. We'll be doing our own mini-marathon. We're leaving Thursday!!