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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mud Season = Maple Syrup Season!

Yes! I , too, am amazed we make maple syrup right here in NJ!

We went about 40 minutes into the mountains and were treated to a just-how-maple-syrup-is-made guide.

They told us to wear mud boots; they were NOT kidding about the mud.

This was their only 'old fashion way of doing it' tree. The rest were done with tubing, which is much faster and more efficient. I guess the guest want to see how people did it in Little House times, so they cater to that, at least in one tree.

The house were they purified and boiled the sap down to syrup.

Eating waffles with fresh made maple syrup; outside, where it was COLD.

I bought Chloe some just made maple syrup. She & Josiah love it. I am slightly embarrassed to say, we are Log Cabin people, ourselves. This tour made me rethink that, but I have to convince John to go for the natural stuff, as opposed to the chemical stuff which he loves.

I walked out to get something out of the car this morning.

It is snowing.


I wasn't expecting it.


But God is good.


Becky said...

I love the old fashioned maple syrup. I have friends that do that every year in the NOrthwoods of WI.

But other than that we buy the store bought Log Cabin too. Rats!

Kathy C. said...

Oh, I envy that! :) I LOVE real maple syrup, and that's the only thing we ever use....I want to go and see it being made...I did read about it in the Little House books, hee hee

Chloƫ said...

so fun! I'm excited for my syrup :)

Gena said...

I love REAL maple syrup, too, but I only use it for fancy recipes. Otherwise, we just use the Aldi brand - my kids literally drink that stuff.

I'm sorry about your snow. I would love it, and did, when it snowed here on the 2nd! Can you believe it? It didn't stick, but was pretty coming down. I do realize that you're tired of it by now. For me, it is still a novelty.

I hope you get some warm weather soon. We're hoping for 60's tomorrow, but we'll see. The weatherman is rarely right.

Have a wonderful Sunday.