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Friday, January 15, 2010

We are back

We are back!!

And we are exhausted. lol.

And we are thankful to our LORD that we have the privilige of doing this once again.

She is such a joy. A real chatter box and oh my, how she loves to sing.

If only we could understand her. :)

But that doesn't stop us from loving it.

And she is loving older brother.

I will post more later, but for now, it's good to be home.


Debz said...

Aww! She is adorable!
Yes, Yes it was me, Sugar Pie attached to her daddy before me. Once we were home and daddy went back to work and Mommy was the only one home she soon got over it. Now to get 2 minutes to myself I have to go to the bathroom......well at least til she knows I'm there and puts her fingers under the door and says "Mommy see Jasmyn's fingers?" ;O)
How old is your daughter?

Joanne said...

Welcome home!! Really enjoyed reading your blog!!
We have been cabled. Won't be long now!!

Such a beautiful little girl you have there :o)

Kathy C. said...

Oh yay!!!! Home. Safe and sound,...and complete! I'm so very happy for you guys. I have been following your website and lovnig the photos, but missed you terribly!
I'll be praying for the adjustment for all of you to be smoothe! Blessings!

Kathy C. said...

Oh, I have to add something. I love that in most of the photos where they are sitting next to eachother, John is just gazing at her, and it's as if I can see his heart pouring out...it's really beautiful.

Kelly said...

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The LORD is with us !

-:) Hugs !!!

Becky said...

Welcome home Elly and family! It is great to see her in the arms of those that love her so much. Congratulations once again.

McNew Family said...

Glad to see that you are home safe and sound! Can't wait to hear how you are doing!!!! Yes, we have a 33 year old son and a 23 year old son, in addition to the 18, 15 and two 4's! Life is GREAT!

Lori said...

Oh, she is SO SWEET!! What a little cupcake! Congratulations and welcome home!

Karen said...

HEY THERE!!! I was going thru old emails, there are so many since getting home and found you posted on my blog!!!!!hahahaha!!!!! Little did we know! Ok, so you seems even more like me now that I looked at your blog.......I think I picked up a parasite...bleh.....so dr today for me , Mary Kate and even Rachel whose ear has been messed up since her flight home.
Will try to get to you on fb since that is what I mainly use. She is doing really well....waiting for her to melt down.....we ended up going to Missouri on Saturday as I got a new grandson on the day I flew home!!! So going to try to pull myself together now.......I am a little overwhelmed! Esp since we left the Christmas dec up for her to see...........:)
Karen---miss you already!