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Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday, Elena turned 3!

She of course didn't know what that meant, even though both Samuel and I were trying to get her all excited about it.

But then the family came over for dinner, cake & presents, and then she got a clue!

OH, and before I begin, I have to mention that this has officially become a Wiggles family. lol. She LOVES them.

Watching Wiggles on the computer with brother.

PRESENTS!! It took forever because she didn't know what to do with them. My sister had dropped off a bunch during the weekend because she couldn't be here yesterday. Elena walked past them all week long without knowing what they were or caring.

Puzzles!! <3

PlayDoh! She will play with PlayDoh for a LONG time.

She loves to sing, and now she will sing songs to HIM!

Coloring books. She was done at this point and wanted to color.

My new daughters. Well, one is working on it. lol. I sure do wish my other daughter was here. She was missed.

We all sang Happy Birthday to her and she totally creeped out. She really wasn't sure what to make of this day,

But she sure likes stars.

John was trying to get her to blow out the candles. She eventually got it.

And she got chocolate cake out of the deal!! So maybe all the stress of a birthday was worth it.

Life is good!


Becky said...

Stressful birthdays! I love it. It is amazing what she is taking in in such a short time.

Hey, pray for me. I have an interview for a nanny job tonight. It was moved from tomorrow to tonight because of the winter storm we are expecting ... 6-12 inches. Eeek.

Joanne said...

Oh my, can I relate to the Wiggles. I didn't know if I should love them or hate them!!! And my bio daughter crawled under the table at 3 when we sung happy birthday!! LOL. She's gorgeous!!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you for sharing all those wonderful photos with captions,..I almost felt like I was there. What a cute little dumplin'! :) Happy Birthday Miss Elena!!! :)

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Ok...just catching up here! She is beautiful! Blessings to you all!