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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Job Dear Boy

I have mentioned before that one of my nephews is Autistic.

Stevie graduates high school today!!!! He goes to a special school, and they have helped him tremendously. But in reality, after all is said and done, my sister is the true hero in his life.

She has raised him on her own since my brother in law passed away when Stephen was 6. It wasn't easy, and many times it wasn't fun. But all the hard work has paid off, as Stephen is a great, honest, honorable, hardworking young man.

Today, we celebrate this great wonderful occassion!! The WHOLE family going to PA to cheer on our graduate. When my sister called the school to tell them how many people were coming, they were slightly shocked at the number. Not upset or resentful, just shocked,. lol. There are about 18 kids graduating. And Stevie is bringing in the biggest crowd.

We are hispanic.

We own it.

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Congratulations, Stevie! And to your sis as well. Wow, what a great achievement!

LOL about owning it. You are sooo right! Asians are much more subdued in the cheering section. My mom would've been horrified if we had an air horn or something like the fun crowd at graduations always did. But me? I'm only have subdued because I'm only half asian! :)