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Monday, June 30, 2008


Its been a while!

And so much has happened!!

VBS was, as always, amazing!  I keep forgetting how delightful the children and the Bible  combination is to teach!  Its officially summer here.  aka, the air is on ALL THE TIME.  

We had my inlaws memorial service last week.  We went out 20 minutes into the Atlantic and spread their ashes.  It was soo hard.  Though my dad in law died 2 years ago, and my mother in law died last year, ( why we are having the service so late is more drama then I wish to get into)I thought it would be just a nice memorial.  I was wrong.  I miss them all over again. And John is still semi in denial.  Bless my dear husband's heart.  It hurts more then he wishes to deal with.

Next week we leave on vacation.  We rented a house in Hyannis, MA.  We are 100 yards from the beach.

Have I ever mentioned, I am not a beach person???  lol.  But the rest of my family is, so off to the beach we go.  We can take the ferry to Martha's Vineyard, though!!  So, I will be shopping/browsing/walking/antiquing/reading/...and of course, doing laundry, cooking, and general maintenance.  But I am so looking forward to it!!  New England nights make life just a little sweeter, swinging in the breeze with a light sweater on, enjoying the night sky with the love of your life.

Oh yeah, Josiah is coming with us.  It should be interesting.......



I hope you have a really great vacation. I am sure that you will. Have a wonderful day. Sorry the memorial service was so hard. connie from Texas

Becky said...

I am so sorry for the hard losses you have had. My mama is the only one of our parents still living, and sometimes I will hear something, see something, or even smell something that will bring them back as if they were here, and the loss is so hard all over again.

Mourning is different for everyone, and it always takes time.

Hey! Have a wonderful vacation. I hope you come home relaxed and refreshed.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time in the New England summer! Ahhhh...I miss it! We used to live in Maine...the air is so crisp and lovely there.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and being friendly. I enjoyed visiting!