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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


You know how we all have heroes of the Faith? Most are Biblical, but some are modern day?  

I can't tell you how the lives of these saints have often affected my everyday life.  When you think of those who have gone before us, in honesty, joy, perseverence, and not a hint of perfection, but true faithfulness, you know you can do this.  And yes, you can hear them cheer you on.

One of my heroes is Oswald Chambers.

We have been having a holy struggle with my daughter on what she should do for her future.  Today's devotion was on asking/seeking/knocking.  wOw!!

It was such a powerful, yet simple devotion, it was exactly what we needed to remember that whole point of our lives.

My favorite quote is .."You were not put in this life to live for yourself".  Then you realize how often you live for you, so you come up with excuses for it,then you ignore it.  

Then HE reminds you that your life is HIS, and man, HE is good!!  

So knock.  Stand next to the crucified thief (as OC said) in humility and knock, and it will be answered.

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