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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Zipping along....

I got a new cell phone.

Actually, Chloe & I just tagged ourselves on to John's plan and saved a ton of money.  We should have thought of that a LONG time ago.

One of these days, I will grow a brain.  

But until then, the world is safe.   :o

And how great was it to celebrate our husbands on Father's Day??  To remind him how thankful I am he is the father to my children.  He is a GREAT dad.  

Samuel asked him what he wanted for Father's Day.  He begged for a zipline.  Yes, I said a zipline.  So, he got one.

Who cares that he is 42.  He is a kid at heart, and I know they will all love zipping across the back yard.  

Except for me.  I have no upper body strength.  I can lift dishes to the shelves.  Don't look to me for much more then that.    BUT, I'll take pictures!!!!


Karen said...

Ok, I'm laughing very hard right now because this could be my brain, too. Things occur to me a little later than everyone else it seems. LOL!
The zip line.....totally cool! Of course, I couldn't support my weight on one of those things if my life depended on it. Carrying babies around all day I can handle, but not that!

Becky said...

A zipline! That is wonderful! I would do that. I really, really would. But then, I've done some crazy things before. You sure do have a fun family.