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Friday, June 15, 2012

Quiet is not as cool as you think

Well, Samuel has been gone for a week.  It is so quiet around here.  I don't like it.  At all.

At first, Elena was in her glory having all the attention.  Yesterday, on the way to the bank, she asked me if she could pray that Samuel come home very very soon. I told her that he will come home when he is suppose to, but maybe she could pray that it FEELS like soon.

I need to pray that, too.

Seriously.  I miss that boy.


8 weeks is a long time.  2 weeks is doable.  1 week is nothing.

As I mentioned before, my babies will be in the same continent together, in fact in bordering countries.  But they will have to wait until they are both in the good old USA to meet.  

We had our embassy appointment on Monday and everything went well.  WOO-HOO!  Now we just wait for the visa to be issued, then apply for the exit permit which takes 3 or 4 days, and SHE IS HOME!!!   Unfortunately, visas are taking WAY too long.  As of April, they were taking 1 week.  Now minimum 3 weeks.

Of course.

I am nervous.  But not.  I have such a wonderful network of friends to support us, who have been praying, worrying, getting excited, calling, getting frustrated along side me, can't wait to meet her, love her already, love her skin, love her hair, love her name, love her, period!!  And yet, still making Elena feel like she is worth her weight in gold, kind of friends.

And our children??   They are totally sold out, too!

GOD is good to us.

My mom, sister and I went to a Lilly sale yesterday.  Afterwards, we hit an outlet mall.  While we were walking to a store, I saw this lady with a cool stroller that I may have to get.  I ran over to her, with my mom running behind me.  This woman was blonde and had 2 white-blonde haired daughters.  As we were talking,  we realized her 2 bio little girl are my adopted daughter's ages.  Almost EXACTLY!!  It was awesome.  And then, she introduced her oldest daughter who was 8.  She had the most beautiful dark skin EVER.   And her smile?  It lit up the world.

It made me glad.  She was a domestic adoption; came home with them from the hospital at 2 days old.  This couple decided to adopt from the start.  In fact, it could be said the adoption was a honeymoon baby.

I love hearts like that.

And you know what?  She didn't care that my girls are internationally adopted.  In fact, she was thrilled!

Parents of adopted children, domestically or internationally, get that.


Anyway, we are off to see a beautiful baby boy.  Oh, and my daughter and son-in-law, too.  I need me some grandson time.  The drive is a killer, but seeing that family is worth it.

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