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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Modifying Participles

I teach grammar to some high school homeschoolers.

I really enjoy grammar.

Most times, I correct people, in my head.   I have learned not to correct them in public.  People would rather be ignorant than corrected.

Unless they ask, and if they do, they usually change their minds before the day is over, not really knowing just how bad their grammar is in real life and therefore ask me to 'knock it off with the correcting, already'.

Mind you, I DO NOT have perfect grammar all the time, but I know when I am saying something incorrectly, and I cringe inside, remember the rule in my head, then move on.

Today we reviewed for the final.  I am proud of some of the students; their efforts and hard work is exemplary.  The others, they are the ones that challenge my (our) sanity.

ANYWAY, our son leaves in about 36 hours.  I am getting nervous.  I think he is, too, and it is the same kind of nervous that I have.

I will miss him.  He is thinking he will be homesick.

He will.

But GOD is good, and he will pray through it.

I am counting down the days until he comes back.  Elena and I will have two count down calendars.  One for when her little sister gets here ( again pushed out another week, so HOPEFULLY July 15) and one for when her big brother gets back home.  And we will be praying daily.

Speaking of Elly-Bug, I am taking this time when it is just the two of us, to really perfect reading.  She is right on the cust of taking off.  We are in that in-between stage, when she will sound out all the sounds of almost any word, regardless of how long or hard it is, but doesn't make it flow.

It is my goal, that when her little sister gets here, she will be able to read to her if she so desires. <3

How is eating vegetarian for the past two weeks going, you ask??   LOL  Fine you didn't ask.

It is ok.

Granted, Samuel, Elena and I are not full vegetarians, we eat organic fish & chicken sporadically, today, I took them to Burger King ( nothing in the fridge, shame on me) and they both felt gross.  I guess their body is cleaned out and it is revolting to that kind of food.  Samuel is the one who told me he felt sick, and for the first time in his life, he understood why people hate fast food.

He is the kid who always threatened to have a fast food diet when he moved out of the house.


I think he may be changing his mind.


Ok, off to church's mission classes for the kids.  Mission should be the heart beat of every believer.

After all...it is HIS heartbeat.

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