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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whoa. Time is Flying WAY TOO FAST

I need to be in here more often.  I will forget what happened in life if I don't.  

And I want to remember and rejoice in the life HE has given to us.  The good, the bad and everything in between.  Thanks be to HIM who is worthy of all praise.  Always.

We returned my daughter to her husband in DC after the shower.  And here are the sisters saying 'till next time.'

And giving the baby a kiss.

And since it was DC, we had to just get out and walk around a bit before going home.

Capitol Building.  

As Elena was going up the Supreme Court steps, she lost her shoe.  Just like Cinderella.  <3  lol.

And for some reason, lately I have been thinking about my father in law alot.  Maybe because my daughter is having a baby, and I know he would have been excited to see this great-grandchild.

Maybe because I see how much my husband still needs him sometimes.

Maybe because he was such a great guy.  Not perfect, but pretty great.

Here is a picture of 3 generations. There was a lot of respect and admiration amongst them.  And love.

SO, any minute now, I am expecting a phone call to run down to VA Beach because someone went into labor.  If she doesn't go into labor before Easter, we ( my mom, the kids & I ) are going to down Monday to wait it out.  John will come down when she goes into labor. 

First grandchild.  I am so excited I can't sleep.  

If I don't make it here before Good Friday and/or Easter, May HIS presence be supreme in your hearts, in your life, in who you are.  Surrender that which is not yours anyway.  And if it has been a while since you left HIS grace...come back Home dear one, come Home.


Lori said...

Oh, oh, oh!! I'm SO EXCITED that you will be a granny any day now!

Please, please, PLEASE try to hop on here real quick to at least tell us when it happens!


What a wonderful time to have a baby!

New life!


Thank you, JESUS!

Janet and Kevin said...

How exciting and around Easter even! May God bless your daughter and new grandchild, and soon you will be a grandma~~

Too wonderful!!

janet and gang