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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, and southern bound.

Easter was fun.  Inspite of the fact that it was one of the smallest Easter celebrations EVER.  We decided not to plan much because we may have gotten the call to take off to VA Beach. 

Our youngens before church.  Yes, he is wearing shorts & Vans.  He is his fathers son.  I just need to move on.

She danced the afternoon away.  I made her stop for a second and this is her thought on that. lol.

Lilly LOVED popping bubbles too!  She leaped so high, trying to get them before the kids popped them.

Samuel being taught how to dance by Elena.

Well, since we DIDN'T  get the call...the children and I are now packing up to go down south and wait for the grandbaby.  <3  So, very soon... I will be a grandmother.  <3 

And I can't wait to hold that baby in my arms.

Hopefully we won't be there for a month.  lol.


Lori said...

Super cute Easter pics!

I can't wait to see you holding that grandbaby! I am so stinkin' excited for you!!!

Becky said...

My goodness that's for sure! First babies can be late. And they can also be early. So no worries. Can't wait to hear the news.

Janet and Kevin said...

Will be praying for your daughter and new grandchild! How exciting!!

janet and gang

Kathy C. said...

My friend! I've been "non blog readin' " for so long and I've missed you. :) Sooooo, Gbaby #3 or what??? :)