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Monday, April 11, 2011

Some stop the train.

It has been busy.

We were able to bring our daughter here for 2 days, and so, within a 2 week span, we planned a baby shower for her.

And everyone came.

Which is great, until you have to have room for 60+ people in a house. lol.  But it sure was fun and she got loads of good stuff.

But first, let me share a picture of my son; who came by my parents house, and while talking fell asleep.  With Mindy.  Who really likes him.   Playing on the floor:

Fell asleep soon after.

Here are my 2 daughters and my 2 nieces.  Behind all the presents.  Elizzi kept track of what she got ON HER COMPUTER.  Brilliant!!!  I am so old school, I would have just written everything down.

So, the women at church gave her her beloved jogging stroller.  This was the first thing she registered for, because she is already signed up for a 1/2 marathon.

I did suggest she may need other things.  :P

She is so not my child sometimes.

She was so happy, that she MADE herself keep opening other gifts and not play with this one.

My dear friend MADE these!!  Are the cool or what??!!?  And she also got her books books books.  I love her.


Her hat.  <3  

Josiah took a picture of her belly every week, and put it on facebook so we can see her, since she is a million miles away. We took the pictures and put them in order so everyone could see the progress.  :)

Elena was the Hostess.  I don't think she knew it.  lol.  Here she is with her little friends.

The next day, we dropped her off at Washington DC, where Josiah had a conference and they went home.  Which made it all possible.  Because I could not drive a 14 hour round trip to VA Beach.  Twice.  But we can totally do a 7 hour round trip!!

So, later I will post the day in DC pictures, or you would fall out of your chair from boredom from all the pictures in one post.



What are your feeling on 1Corinthians 11:5 - 6?

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Becky said...

Wow, what a very very fun shower. She looks just glow-eeee. And I cannot cannot wait for this baby to come. I am over the moon excited for you all.

About the scripture. I have not heard that question in about 25 years. We used to go to a church that took this literally, and all the women wore head coverings. They took it so literally that if you went to someone's house for dinner, you would put your napkin on your head when they gave thanks.

When we left, I really struggled with not wearing a head covering to our new church. But I got used to it, and decided it was best to do they way the others did.

In my opinion, this is a very cultural thing for that time. But I would not be offended if someone even today wanted to do that at the church we go to now. I think it is a personal choice. But it is a choice, and no one should be forced to do.

You'd likely have to be involved at a Plymouth Brethren (where we went early in our marriage) to see this in practice. Not sure if the Mennonites still do it but they used to.

Hmmm ... wondering what prompted the questions. Interesting.