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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day A forced Field Trip.

Today is Valentine's Day.

But before I could enjoy it, I had to go to Trenton, our state capitol, and pick up more documents for the adoption.

( Don't let this picture fool you, though it is pretty in a FEW parts, it is not this pretty all over.)

No biggie.  Run to Samuel's ortho appointment, and then make the drive.  It was a 10 minute thing once we got down there, so after we got back, the day was a great day in the making!!

Not so much.

As it turned out, the 10 minute thing turned into waiting almost 5 hours.   And I refused to make that hour and 20 minute drive one way for NOTHING.  So we waited.

But then it hit me, since we are stuck here, lets make the most of it.  Hence, the forced field trip.

We went over to Princeton, and I enjoyed a Valentine's Day lunch with my children at Panera's, across the street from Princeton University.

And then we went to see Drumthwacket, though we didn't go in, and went to see some Revolutionary War monuments.

And to top it off, it wasn't FREEZING!!!!   :D

So despite the fact that the paper work wasn't done when they said it would be done, it was a good day anyway.

And now off to get ready for another date.


Debz said...

What a rollercoaster ride hey! Hope things come together quickly.
Happy Valentines day sweet lady!

Janet and Kevin said...

It is the "hurry up and wait" game, isn't it!! Glad you had a good day in spite of the delay.

thanks for putting the message to Ted on our blog. I should have put in a side note to that post that you are always so sweet and often mention him when I was writing that our littles get more comments! :)

Janet and gang