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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh the things we do...

Catching up again.  Elena went to Jacob's Star Wars party.  Nobody here watches Star Wars, so it was a foreign thing to Elly, and she liked the balloon better then the light saber. lol.

And this week, we went to the mall...yes I know, we even went on a Saturday night.  Ew.  I think the last time I went on a Saturday night I was, maybe, in high school and then it was maybe once.  But when you hang out at home because of snow & cold, you just get desperate and go to the mall on a Saturday night.  

And we had a gift card for this store where you pick out an unstuffed animal and then they stuff it for you.  I'll let you guess what store that is...  

Elly got a Hello Kitty.  Big surprise there.

A picture from our forced field trip.  When John saw this picture, he was slightly shocked that this building was from our state.  It looks old European-ish.

Friday night the girls from my missions class went to feed those less fortunate then they are.  It was great.   And since Samuel is my son, he goes wherever I go. :)

My parents FINALLY got home from El Salvador.  They were gone for 7 weeks.  That is a long time.  LONG.  They live 7 minutes away and not having them around was not something I feel comfortable with.  At all.

Well guess what they bought back for my nephew, Stephen?   

Go ahead and guess.

Or bette yet, check out the pictures:

She goes to Elena, maybe thinking she is a puppy person.  lol.

Meet Mindy.  

She is so cute.  We are having a hard time letting her sleep.  You would, too, if she was in your possession.  And the paper work to get this dog here...she is a naturalized citizen.  :D

On a different note for a minute, our Borders that is 5 minutes away is closing.  Can we say...wHaT?!!??!!?  How can that be?

But as we went to their closing sale, I felt slightly guilty, thinking I am partially responsible for this.

  After all, I sure do love my nook.


chloë. said...

That Border's is closing?! Tragic. :*(

In other news, the puppy is so cute!

Becky said...

Mindy is adorable. And Elly sure is growing up fast. I am saving my swagbucks for a Kindle. It should be here by my birthday. I heard Borders were closing all over the place. I hope you can find another bookstore you like, although with the NOOK you don't really need one do you? I guess that is the point.

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, such a cute puppy! We have two senior dogs, and they are very sweet and senile. I remember when they were little and cuddly and smelled like puppy instead of hairy old dog. But we love them anyway! :)

janet and gang