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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Past Few Days

The past few days have been...in a word...cold.

This is our house.  This is typical.  But then we got another 17 inches a few days later.

And we can't get the kids to stop going outside.  Even at night.  Elly is on top of almost 3' of snow, which is why she sits and crawls.  If she stood, she would fall in.

On Friday was Samuel's piano recital.  He literally came in the door from skiing all day, took a 3 minute shower like only 12 year olds can do, and we ran out the door.

He was not pleased with his performance.  Maybe because he was TIRED??!!??!

Elly was slightly bummed.  Why, you ask?  Because it was her birthday, and she had to wait until the weekend for her party because today...today she had to go to her brother's piano recital.  But she did get to go home and open her present. Which was a Bitty Baby, and it looked like her little sister that is on her way...
She loves her.  <3

And then one Sunday, we had her family party and she was dressed in her native outfit.  People at church love seeing her like that.  I do too.  :D

She got LOADS of books.

Her brothers.  And her pink & purple cake.   Life is good.  Except life would be really good if her older sister was here, too.  But alas, she is where HE has her.

My baby girl.  And I should wear make up.  Oh well.

Poor Rufus.  My son loves to dress him up.  And my 4 year old cheers on the activity.

Today it is sleeting and raining.  It is starting to melt some of this snow.  Making room for the next storm.

Today would have been my father in law's 84 birthday.  I loved that man.  He was such a joy and the children couldn't get enough of him.  He has been gone for 5 years now.  He is missed. 

But he is forever in our presence as I watch my husband.  He is his father's son.


Lori said...

What a fun post! I just love all your snow!

So sorry you miss your father-in-law so much. Gosh, that's so hard!

And about the make-up. Girl, if I had your gorgeous complexion I would never EVER wear makeup!! You look fabulous!!

Becky said...

What a great post. I feel as if I've caught up. We had one of your snow storms yesterday/this morning and we just got in from shoveling out the car, which may be able to go somewhere once they get to the parking lot and the street to plow them out.

What a lovely tribute to your father-in-law, to be so loved by you. And Elly is precious. I so love that your family has just about every color of the rainbow. And always room for more ;)

Becky said...

BTW ... I agree with your first comment. No makeup becomes you. I don't wear it either. About twice a year and only because I feel I should for the occasion. Ick.

Janet and Kevin said...

Sweet post. Sweet comments about your beloved father-in-law. How special he must have been.

Enjoy the snow, and ice, and snow, and wind, and, and, and . . .

Isn't this winter weather just horrible?? We are finally digging out of the ice and then snow on top here in Indiana. Our yard was so slick that we couldn't even go outside to play! :(

You look great without makeup! You go, girl!!

janet and gang