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Monday, January 17, 2011


All I really have to say about this weekend is right here:

Steelers WON!  By the skin of their teeth, but whatever.

And of course, my baby ready for the game:

Even though she had no idea, whenever we were cheering, she would get up and dance.  Works for me. :D

Even though my son is an Eagles fan (gag) he will cheer on my team, as long as they are not playing the Eagles.  And since the Eagles are home relaxing at this point, he was more then willing to be my son.

Okay fine.  Alot more went on this weekend then the games.

Such as the fact that we finally got beds & things for the girls bedroom.  I thought it may be a good idea that Elena gets used to her new room before Audrey comes.  This way, she won't be double shocked, with her room being changed and a new sister in it.

My sister is Martha Stewart.

Fine.  She is not, but she could be.

We went to Ikea and picked out beds and when there, I saw this room get up and fell in love.  It is so sweet and little person, and affordable, that we went for it.

We worked on it this weekend, and when I say  "we"  I mean my sister, as I was glued to the tv.  She did drag me up to the room periodically to make sure I liked what was going on.

I did.  :D

And she made these super sweet curtains.  Put the pink in them to make them girly.  And it totally works!!

And now Elly is so excited to fill up that other bed.  Before, she couldn't put the 2 together, Audrey coming and sleeping in her room.  Now she gets it.  Granted she will have some serious adjustments, but such is life when you get a new sibling.

And on another note, we heard a GREAT sermon on Sunday.  Going back to the basics of the word of GOD.    And in the midst of this weekend, I fell in love.  Again.

More on this weekend coming up...

Like our journey to the BUS.  And what happens today.  NOt the weekend, but interesting non the less..

Tune in for more...


Lori said...

LOVE the girls' room! So cute! And yeah, it's time to get that empty bed filled up with some giggly goodness!

Love me a good sermon! There is nothing like the TRUTH being boldly preached. Who could help but fall in love over and over and over and...


Becky said...

Well that bedroom is adorable. Such a girly room. I can only imagine trying to explain to Elly about a new sister coming to sleep in the other bed. And I love Audrey's name. Just beautiful.

What if the Steelers play the Bears?!?! We'll be adversaries. But good sports of course. Well, I'll try :)

And I love your new header. What a beautiful family.

Janet and Kevin said...

I love the girls' new room! It makes me excited to begin on Sophia's~ but then I would have to kick out Ted (who will be sleeping on a daybed in the family room when she comes!!)

janet and gang