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Monday, January 10, 2011

It just means gray.

Back when I was in my early 20s, I was so noble.


I know.  I knew it all. Just ask me and I had the right answer to any question.

Then I became older, and no, not necessarily wiser, just had more experience.

I remember telling those wonderful ladies who were a bit older then myself, how I was going to grow old gracefully.  When the time came, I was not going to color my hair.  I was going to gray and love it.


Well, when those gray hairs started showing up, I was SHOCKED.   SHOCKED, I tell you.

What on earth was my black hair thinking??  Didn't it know I still have at least 10 more years before it could even THINK about turning any color??!!??  Did it not get the email I sent it years ago??!!?

It became a true shock when in reality, I thought in the back of my head, that I was going to be alike my dad.  My dad is 74 and does not have a gray hair on his head.  He has beautiful black hair as soft and great looking at his age.  Not a gray to be seen anywhere.  He flaunts it, specially to my mom.  :P

I decided I was going to be like him. Which made my previous statement easy to say.

Well, I have never colored my hair.  Not true.  I did have it highlighted for my daughter's wedding, because she wanted me to, not because of the gray.


...going gray gracefully?


This is not my head.  But it is my natural color.  

For at LEAST 10 more years.

I am nervous about starting the process.

But not nervous enough not to do it.

After all, I will be the mom to 2 toddlers; and an adolescent son.

Ok fine, I will also be a grandmother, but I don't have to be gray to be a grandmother!!!

What has surprised me the most?   I cannot believe how many people color their hair already!!  So many way younger then me.  I think that at 43, I am so very young. ( remember my dad?)

Anyway, gray does not mean wise, I have realized.  It just means gray.


Becky said...

Ah, well, I colored my hair for 15 years, and quit 4 years ago. I will never do it again. Ever. Why .. because gray is FREEDOM! I am salty in the head and I am fine with that. I wish, in fact, that I could go silver all at once. I love a silver head.

Chloë said...

I say better for people to think you are my baby's mom than Elly's and Audrey's grandma. :P

Janet and Kevin said...

I must admit that I color my hair and have since our oldest was very young. Gray just doesn't look good on me. My husband is totally white, I mean gray, and he looks fabulous. Me, whenever I let my roots grow out, not so good.

Go for it!

janet and gang

Kathy C. said...

LOL Madeleine...you are so much like ME! LOL
I have never colored, or even highlighted my hair. I've always said the exact SAME thing! I'm going to grow old gracefully, with beautiful gray hair that will come in at the right time. Well, NOW is NOT the right time, lol...but it's showin up (I'll be 43 in 2 months). ALL my sisters have colored their hair for YEARS and I am thinkin' if this keeps up,I may join them. We'll see. :)

shirl said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I had a 12 week appt yesterday and heard a healthy heartbeat and lots of baby kicks. :) Yay!

p.s. I'm so glad to know your sweet Chloe!! I also think you should post pictures on your blog sometime of her irish step dancing days. :)