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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Must Be 7 Kinds of Stupid.

True story.

But if you know me, maybe you get it.

I have my quirks.  I mean...doesn't everybody?  Right??

Like the fact that I LOVE to iron.  And that I vacuum everyday.  At least once.  Or how about the fact that I can't stand it when kids call adults by their first name.  Sheesh.

But...this one...this one needs prayer.

I think.

Tomorrow, is our 26th ANNINVERSARY!!!!   To GOD be the Glory, great things HE has done!!  Our marriage and the love we have for each other is totally HIM.  Our story is just so crazy, it HAD to be HIM.

I love my husband.  He drives me nuts.  He makes me cry.  And sometimes, as my son puts it, he makes me think maybe the 'monastic life is not so bad.'  He also makes he laugh, he brings me things that makes he realized he has been thinking of me, he makes me feel loved, he cares for me and treats me like a bride.

 I love him.

Very, very much.

Do you know what else I love?  Not nearly as much as my husband, but I love it??


Do you know what tomorrow is?  THE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES!!!  On our anniversary.

Which left me saying to that dear man who puts up with me:

" Honey, please don't plan a get away that involves Sunday, and if you want to go out to dinner, make it close and make it quick."

He didn't even bat an eye.  He was not shocked or surprised.  He is not the football fan that I am, so it's not like he loves it.

But he loves me.

I mean, what other husband gets his wife her favorite team's authentic beautiful Jersey for their 20th anniversary?  No he didn't get jewelry.  Not that I would have complained, I love jewelry.  But he knew I would jump out of my seat screaming and hug him tight.  And thank him profusely.

So, Happy Anniversary, my love.  I don't deserve you.  But I am so VERY thankful God gave you to me.


Becky said...

I am wearing my BEARS hoodie that my husband got me for Christmas. Because I am the BEARS fan that is hoping your STEELERS are going to win tomorrow. I'd love to see the both of us in the Superbowl. And I watch a LOT more football than he does. A LOT. And I'd want to go to dinner to a sports bar where I could watch with all the other fans. That would be a fun anniversary.

A very happy anniversary to you both. Go STEELERS!

Janet and Kevin said...

happy anniversary - hope you have a great day.

janet and gang