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Friday, September 18, 2009


Reilly ran away.

Reilly ran away with Daisy yesterday morning. Probably to try to get her back. Even though beagles are notorious for running away, he was such a home body/momma's boy, his idea of running away was maybe going as far as the neighbor's neighbor to smell new things, and then run back. Daisy will run to Wyoming if she could get away with it.

He is such a sweet puppy. He is the one who sleeps with Samuel on his bed, the one who jumps and greets you when you walk in the door and can't wait to see you again when you leave, the one who will put his face on your lap, because he knows you are feeling down. The one who the children adore because he is so love-able.

The others 2 dogs are not so affectionate. Not that we don't love them, but Reilly is Reilly.

Samuel is about to cry himself to sleep again. We are praying for our sweet dog to come home. Daisy was found 2 towns over, totally lost and shaking. We are praying for the miracle phone call to go pick him up.

All the phone calls to all the necessary people have been made, the flyers are ALL OVER, we have been up and down the streets, streams, parking lots, wherever we could think of.

Please pray he comes home

Reilly-boy, please come home.


Kathy C. said...

Madeleine, it may sound silly but I just got through praying for Reilly to come and through my tears. This just breaks my heart. I have a sweet boxer that is a joy to our home and if she ever ran off I would just be torn up. So I know how you and your kiddos are feeling and I'm praying for ya'll to be comforted and for Reilly to be brought home safely to you!

Gena said...

OH NO, OH NO!!! I will start praying now. I am so, so sorry you haven't found him yet. I'm glad you have Daisy, but Reilly has to come home. I know that kind of sweet pet - I have one sleeping on my feet right now, all 75 pounds of her. I so hope your sweet doggie is found soon. Please keep us updated.