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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

wOw It's hot...

Music camp has been going on all week at church. Today, it was super hot, and it just so happens that it was scheduled to be Water Day!!

Church got the fire department to come out and let the kids use the hose. Samuel was smiling so much, I bet his face hurt.

And then...they showed 'em the water balloons. Something happens to civilized people when they get water balloons in their hands. Specially boys. Not that I am saying my son is civilized. We are working on that. lol ( in reality, if you look at the picture real good, you will see it is only my son who looks deranged.)

Be gentle to girls, son.

When he saw this picture, he said " You know that looks funner and cooler then it really is. It's painful in real life."

After being in camp for 4 hours, it was nice to get cooled off, and water sure is the right ingredient.

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