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Monday, August 24, 2009


It was my birthday this weekend.

No, I am not 34. I am 42, but we didn't have the right numbers, and I refuse to be 43 until the time comes. lol.

We missed our county 4-H Fair because we were on vacation that week, so we went over to the next county, and joined them for the first time. We went with Rachel and her little sister Gwen. And their mom. :)

This lady was telling us how easy it is to have goats. These are her babies, and she was selling them. I was thankful that 1. John was not there and 2.Goats are not so cute that they are hard to resist. So when Samuel gave me that look and said " Mom....?" I just walked away as I said NO.

YUP. If there is a gun, Samuel is on it.

And allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the family. Behr. He has been a long time coming. So we are back to 6 pets. Thankfull the turtle went back *home*. ( Yes, Samuel dresses himself. You would think by 10 years old...)

Kissing that cute nose.

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