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Friday, August 21, 2009

Mathu's Vineyud

We enjoyed MV so much last year, we went for the week this year. Catching the ferry to get over there was about the most stressful thing of the week. Since we had to schedule the ferry ride in January, and we barely made it on, it was imperative we get there on time.

But driving through NYC and its traffic = P-I-T-S.

In the end, we came to our home for the week. It was tucked in and lovely. And had more space then we imagined.

We got the bus passes for the week, so as not to have to drive and FIND PARKING. If you have ever been to MV, you know how narrow the streets are, and how our monster(the Suburban) is a nightmare to navigate.

My nephew Wesley and his shadow, on the way to town to get ice cream. Again.

Wes & Shadow gobbled up their ice cream and had to wait for everyone else to finish.

My niece Elizzi, and my sister Kristina going for ice cream. Again. We had ice cream everytime we went into town. I don't even like ice cream that much. ELizzi, on the other hand, as judging by the look on her face, would have gotten it everytime we passed a shop.

Tim & Hoops showing off the lobster. We had so many lobsters for our lobster dinner that everyone was full. ON LOBSTER!! I KNOW!!!! That has never happened to us. Ever.

Everyone had lobster, except for Elizzi & Stevie. They had pizza, and she enjoyed her Ice Flavor while we ate. Is she related to us??!!??!!?

South Beach was were Jaws was filmed. Actually is was all filmed in MV. We enjoyed the ocean. Perfect water temps. Not warm, not freezing.

Hoops taking his shade with him where ever he went. Silly boy. My mom setting up, or packing up. I forget.

When the boys went fishing, not including their 5-am trips. we girls went to Oak Bluffs. My mom with Elizzi and Heather in front of one of the gingerbread houses.

We HAD to go to the Alpaca Farm. John has been wanting an alpaca for about 15 years. I told him if we ever get more yard, we will see.

" I want this one!!! PLEASE!!!!????"

While waiting for the bus to go to Gay Head, John, being the ever impatient irishmasn that he is, stated he was going to ride his bike instead. Lance & Tim's ears perked up, and once everything was said & done, they went back home, got on their bikes and rode 23+ miles from Edgartown to Gay Head. They were so proud of themselves, and glad to have achieved it. The rest of us took the bus.

This is them when they arrived. Peaked and satisfied. They put their bikes on the bus on the way home.

Heather, Hoops & Gay Head Lighthouse. It is beautiful. In every direction.

More to come...

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Becky said...

What a great vacation! It sounds just like the very traditional summer on the shore. So glad you had fun.