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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I need to stop this kind of thinking. I think its the getting stuck inside the house.

So, I was talking to one of my BFs, Maria, from TN. First I was ESTATIC that she is coming up for Chloe's wedding!! I get to see her about once every 2 or 3 years. Then, its just phone time.

Second, she was complaining on how cold is was outside when she ran out to get something while on the phone. It was all of 52 degrees. 52 DEGREES!!!!! She called it a cold spell. A COLD SPELL!!


I would jump for joy if that was the case here. We woke up to 17, with a windchill of 7 this morning.


I keep forgetting the perspective of life when it was to do with location,weather and culture. (yes, the south is a completely different culture.)

So all you southerners who were delighted with the snow, all I can say it...COOL! I'm glad you were able to have the joy of a winter wonderland. We, up here, are sick and tired of our wonderland.

On to the next thing so I can stop whining,

I am sick of wedding dramas. Everything is a drama. All the way to the color of the tablecloths. I say, we give them the money and they can elope. I didn't used to understand when I would hear moms say that, as they were planning their daughter's wedding. I would think, "When Chloe gets married, its going to be joyful and perfect and simple, and we will just get it right, right off the bat. "

wOw. I didn't stop whining at all, did I???

Excuse while I go put on my 7 Kinds-of-stupid hat on.

It fits me perfectly.

Needless to say, she is not going for the elope idea. She wants her walk down the aisle with her daddy, her dance until the night hours celebration.

Its all good.

Because in it all, our GOD is great.


Gena said...

I am SO sorry that you have the snow and the cold. I know that I would not last one single winter in that winter. I have been whining because it isn't 70 degrees here YET. I mean, really, isn't it March? But, thank you for being excited for us down here. We did truly have a wonderful snow day. And thank you for your sweet comment on my photo - my youngest daughter took that one and wanted me to post it on my blog. She said it was the "real" me.

As for the drama - I have encouraged my oldest daughter to elope when the time comes. She just laughs. She is already dramatic so I can't even imagine what her wedding might be like. I will keep you in my prayers. But through it all, remember that HE is in charge. Cherish all these memories.

Gena said...

P.S. I meant that I would not last a single winter in the WEATHER. Sorry.

Becky said...

My mom offered me $1,000 to elope. I didn't take it either.