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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I love dogs.

Most of our friends have a dog. Well, thats not true. Most of our friends DON'T have dogs, but the ones who do, just have 1. We have 3, and I love it.

Samuel was rushing like mad tonight, trying to finish his school work ( yes he procrastinated and it went late into the evening) so that we could go down and watch the Westminster Dog Show's Best in Show winner.

And here is what a Sussex Spaniel looks like:

What a great looking dog. We were pleased with the selection. I was hoping for the Giant Schnauzer, and Samuel wanted the Scottish Terrier, but the winner was an acceptable choice.

Where as the poodle...not so much. I think we would have both groaned LOUDLY if the poodle won.

For all you poodle owners out there. I'm sorry.

I grew up with a poodle, it was my sister's, so its not like I just make a random judgement call. Yes Barnabus (Barney) was a piece of work. And no, I would never get one. At the same time, I had a yellow lab,Trotsky. (Don't ask. At the time I had just heard the name and loved it, later I found out the history, and was so embarrassed. I was a kid. Who knew?)

And so, if you watched the show, it was exciting, in spite of the fact that neither a beagle or a St. Bernard won, but exciting non the less.


Becky said...

I think a poodle would be much more endearing if they didn't trim them to foo-fooness. I hate the look of the ones on the show. I prefer the shaggy, too-ittle-time-to-do-my-hair look.

Which as you know, matches my personality :)

Great comment on my post today. I agree. Love is very stressful when we try to match up to the world's expectations. Dating for us is jut like you ... I prefer it with my family around, and I don't have to leave home.

Have a great Valentine's Day!!

Gena said...

We are all dog lovers here, too. I am also NOT a fan of poodles. When I was little, my aunt had one that was very ill-tempered and it bit me. Hard. And I was only 2 or 3. Nope, I've never been fond of them since. We have a Golden Retriever and she is so spoiled, but we love her.

Have a very happy Valentine's Day.