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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin pickin

We went pumpkin picking today. It was actually nice weather, unlike the usual, and we were not freezing numb. Though it was nippy, it was bearable.

Of course, they have the farm animals. Samuel would have done anything to have accidently fallen in there. He loves animals. I know most kids do, but he is ridiculous. I'm thinking vet. He is thinking farm. lol. He may be right.

We asked Miss Sophie, our 87 year old Ukranian neighbor, to come with us. She is lonely since Mr. Walter died 2 years ago, and so she was delighted to join us! She picked out her own pumpkin. Here John is inspecting it making sure it wasn't rotten anywhere. This was her first time pickin'!!!

We have a rule in our home. You can get any pumpkin as long as you can carry it to the pay stand, which is quite a walk, and to the car. Lance wasn't going make let Miss Sophie carry her pumpkin, so he did it for her. And opted not to pick his own because he didn't feel like carrying 2.

Chloe's pumpkin. Sometimes I think my daughter is color blind. But really, she is just creative. :) Plus, notice her new favorite hat she found at Target? Yeah. Let me remind you, she is 19. Still.... I'll keep her. lol.

Samuel found his pumpkin, and he was determined to carry it if it killed him. And it about did.

Then off to the hay pyramid. Samuel looks like a king on the throne. Actually, it s hole he "accidently" found. Watch where you jump, son.

Packing up ready to go home. At this point, the sun was behind the clouds and it was COLD.

Coming home reminded us just how much the cold weather saps your energy. Sitting by the fireplace was what everyone wanted to do. BUT, The New England/ Cowboys game was waiting for me. But after the game, the fireplace was nice. :) God is amazing.


Karen said...

Oh it looks like you all had a great time getting your pumpkins and being together. How very sweet of you to take your neighbor, too!
I'm wishing for some cooler temps to come our way soon!

Becky said...

That looks like a fun outing. Crisp autumn weather is a must on pumpkin picking day. I love your rule about picking and carrying your own. And I love that your neighbor did't have to follow it.