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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Human Race

So, when we went to the library, Samuel took out a book on Martin Luther King Jr. Which is kind of random since we are doing ancient Egypt right now. Maybe he thought he was related to Martin Luther. lol

The point is, when he finished the book, he was so perplexed. He said to me " I don't get it , mom." After asking a few questions, I realized he had no idea what prejudice was, and the concept was foreign to him. Seeing as how it has never been an issue in our home, or in all our friends' home, he didn't get it!

When I finally explained how some people think, he was stunned. He still didn't understand why or how such a thing could be justified. Almost to the point of thinking I was pulling his leg. Anyway, after all was said and done, he still didn't get it.

Which is a beautiful thing to my heart. His little heart is exactly where it should be in this issue.


Becky said...

Sometimes it completely floors me how the events of the 50s and early 60s happened in my lifetime. When I was in grade school we were desegregated. Which meant all of a sudden I had a little black girl in my 3rd grade class.

When I think back on that time I wonder how in the world our country every got to the point that that was even an issue.

What kind of people are we anyway??

My boys are the same as yours. We have had such intermingling with other people, black, hispanic, asian, for their entire lives that they think nothing about it.

I look at that as a gift we have given them. And I hope that future generations become even more distanced from thoughts of prejudice or discrimination.

Gena said...

I LOVE that picture. My husband is black, I am white. I have 2 white children from a previous marriage that my husband raised. He and I have two mixed daughters. We truly know no difference. Our children don't struggle with racism and we live in the SOUTH. I was raised with racism since I grew up in the 60's and 70's. I am so thankful that it is no longer an issue for us.

We do study what happened during the time of Dr. King. My children know who Rosa Parks is. They know what happened when my husband and I were young. I just think that they can't even comprehend what that must has been like. Thank God.


I am 64 years old and I don't see how it could have happened or happen either.

Yes, his little heart is right where it belongs and I pray it stays there. connie from Texas