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Saturday, June 30, 2007


I lost 7 pounds this week.

But this morning, I had to biggest bowl of cereal known to womankind.

And it was goooooooood.

I am going to get back on my horse, now, and continue to eat well. It won't be the same from now on, it will be 2 or 3 pounds a week tops.

I went to go visit Chloe at camp yesterday!! I dropped the boys off at chemistry camp, and since Chloe needed supplies and the college is half way there, I decide to go see my baby girl.

She also lost weight. :(

She can't afford to do so, as she is skinny enough. She and Samuel have their daddy's metabolism. (they can't going weight no matter how much they eat) Lance on the other hand has mine. Poor boy. lol.

The camp is sooo pretty. Its a Salvation Army camp out in west NJ. Which to non-Jerseyans, it is such gorgeous scenary, its breathtaking. The camp is pretty much for inner city kids who can't afford it. They have "Newark Week" Camden Week" Elizabeth Week",ect... if you are from NJ, or have ever seen a list of worst places to live in America, you would get it.

The first set of kids arrived this morning!! She was so excited. She has 10 - 13 year olds girls all summer. She made this beautiful sign for the front of her cabin that said " Home to the Princesses of the King" . Along with being a councelor, she is also the dance instructor for the kids who want to take dance as their elective.

She called last night and we spent sometime in prayer. She was so excited, and nervous, as well as homesick, which is unusual, and she seemed sad. Seeing as how she has spent the past 2 summers in Texas for 10 weeks each summer doing the same thing, I didn't quite expect this. I think its the heat. But the time in prayer was beautiful.

Well, I have a house to clean and laundry to wash, dry, fold and iron. Yous all have a holy and life changing weekend! ~madeleine

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