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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Seek Your Heart

I was reading the newspaper today.

(Yes, I still get the newspaper.  I love it.  Something about not having to sit in front of the computer and search... I like that.   Yes, I also love my Nook.  Something about having 101 books in it so far and not needing to find room for them, since I have a small house and am trying to minimize; and the fact that it fits into my pocketbook. :D  Oh, and I love the library, so I can give the book back and know it is there should I need it again for whatever reason.)

ANYWAY, in it it mentioned how a group of people are trying to 'highly encourage' (read: force) Congress to sign a student loan forgiveness bill.


Let me get this straight.

You signed a loan application, knowing full well that you had to pay back the money loaned to you, and no one as standing behind you forcing or threatening you to sign.

And now you want to be 'forgiven'?

Did you not think this through?  Did you not figure out that, regardless of the job market, by signing, it became your responsibility?

Now mind you, the debt is not 'forgiven'.  SOMEONE still has to pay the loan.  It just doesn't disappear into thin air.

It comes out of our taxes. So essentially, it should not be called a forgiveness bill, but rather a make-everyone-else-pay-even-though-they-signed-nothing-and-are-not-responsible bill.

My son has a student loan.  He pays monthly, for it is his responsibility.

We have a loan. (adoption)(business)  We pay it monthly.  There have been slim months, in the construction business.  It did not occur to us to make someone else pay for the choices we made. We have struggled in the past, and I am sure we will struggle in the future.  And we will deal with it.  Pasta for lunch and dinner, baby.  :P   We did it before, we can do it again.  I don't think we are better than these people, I am just stunned at the gimme mentality that is so prevalent in this nation.

Though I shouldn't be.

Next thought:


People are, for lack of a better word, funny.

There are now commentaries running around like what if we had Homeless Appreciation Day instead, would as many people show up?

It seems to me, that is general, people DO do show up.  Homeless Appreciation Day happens 365 days a year.

You will find Christians showing up everyday, to do their part.  You will find Christians lining up to help in any one's time of need.  Domestic and foreign. They are the most generous people.  In every single catastrophe, Christians will give money, time and effort to help.   They will take their vacation time to build homes, dig wells, feed the hungry, etc.   It has been proven that organizations like  Samaritan's Purse, World Vision, churches of all denominations, etc, have given and done more for victims than the US government, with no waste in time or money.  Proven by secular statistics, for real Christians, for the most part, don't keep score.

Do you know that on Thanksgiving and Christmas it is almost impossible to find a place to volunteer, because they fill up so quickly?  You can't even put together a food basket because they have more food than families?  That happened to me when I tried to set that up for my high school missions class project.

Do you know, there have been times that I couldn't go with my son to volunteer because they were full?

So yes, people, Christian WOULD show up for Homeless Appreciating Day.  They would wait in line to serve.  They would be turned away from lack of jobs for them, and so then they would give money, because it is the least they could do.

They would show up for just about any-need day for that matter.

What about the love part?  I have never met a Christian who refused to help a person in need, or ask first if they were homosexual, drug addicts, porn-addicted, an adulterer, an alcoholic and the such to determine if they will  help or not.  Yes, there are cult churchs who may do that, but they are cult churches, not Chrsitian churches.

Please do no confuse the two.

Anyway, I guess people will find something bad to say, after all Jesus said they would.

It is okay.

So those who went to Chik-fil-A Apprciation Day, don't worry about it.  I know you will also do your part to help ANY ONE in need.  I know because I see you there.

In amazing numbers.



Journey to You! said...

I so AGREE!! With everything said!!

Lori said...



Very, very, very TRUE. Every last word.

Thanks for articulating what is really true about real Christians, friend.