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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just Around the river bend

School has started.

OK fine it is only math and reading; regardless, he is doing school work.

And miracle of miracles, he didn't complain!!!

I thought for sure, he as going to give the 'mom, I was in Africa for 2 months..woe to me...yadda, yadda, yadda.'

He didn't!


Samuel shocker #2.

Even though he is pretty sold on using herbs, oils and natural healing remedies, as he has successfully been the recipient of them time and time again, his eating habits left loads to be desired.  His vegan dad has gentle tried to teach an guide.

Nothing doing.

I made him watch a movie yesterday.

It is a great movie.  Sold me over more. Though I was already a believer, it pushed me over the edge.

If you would like to watch the movie for free, my favorite price, go here.

After my boy watched the movie, he went to the kitchen.

I thought for sure it was to find some left over junk-ish food we had from his welcome home party.  After all, he is 13.  Instead, as I watched is shock, he made himself a spinach, kale, broccoli, mango, carrot, cantaloupe juice, and loved it.

Maybe the brain cells are starting to work in there.

I have some news.

It is good news.

It is crazy fun and long awaited news.

It is 'I wish I could go to sleep for 2 more days straight and THEN wake up' news.

Our daughter  Christian, from the Congo is coming on Saturday!!!!


The lovely woman who is chaperoning her ( is that a real word?) home emailed me yesterday and told me she was a sweet heart; kind and joyous.  As well as...



I love it.

Poor Chloe, though now she is happy with her height or lack there of, there had been times when she was terribly upset over it.  I am pretty sure that  Elena & Christian will also deal with their...height issues, though the opposite from their big sister, until they, too, deal with it and accept it.

Some other big exciting God news to be made public...soon.

Until then, something to think about...

A man who is eating or lying with his wife or preparing to go to sleep in humility, thankfulness and temperance, is, by Christian standards, in an infinitely higher state than one who is listening to Bach or reading Plato in a state of pride.

~C.S. Lewis

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