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Monday, July 9, 2012

You and Me, We Can Conquer the World!! Or at Least Go To The Mall.

I took Elena to the Disney Store for the first time in her life.

Our regular mall, doesn't have a Disney Store.  The thing is, even if it did, it wouldn't matter too much anyway because I can count on one hand,three fingers to be exact, give or take a finger, how many times we go to the mall in a year.  This incudes Black Friday.

ANYWAY, she is pitiful and tired of it being 'just me'.  I try to do things with her.  She is not only-child material.

SO, this Saturday, when it was 101 degrees by 9am, I decided a nice air conditioned mall was the answer to all our problems.  OK, fine, not all our problems, but at least of heat problems, as I have no central air.    Don't go there.

WELL, she responded in a way I never would have thought at this point in her American life.

She didn't move.

She stood in the entrance with her mouth haning wide open and her eyes glazed over.  I thought maybe she was going to pass out.

People walked by her as I tried to coax her in.

They giggled.

They pointed.

They stared at her staring at the store.

Once I got her in, she proceeded to touch, see, inspect every doll, shoe, pajamas, toy, cup, pencil, princess, dress, t-shirt, mug, every.glorious.thing. in the store.

We were there over an hour and a half.

I need to interupt myself and mention, this is no great store.  Just an ordinary plain ol' Disney Store at the mall.

Today, we are officially in the 'teens' on the count down for when Samuel comes home.


It has been a long hard time these past 5+ weeks.  I pray he is doing well.  I pray it changed him. I pray it made the world a bigger place for him.  I pray his compassion extends for HIS grace.  I pray he will forever understand 'your ife is not about you.'

And I pray he is having a great time.  Yes, it is probably hard.  But things can be hard and great.

SO, have I mentioned how beautiful my grandson is?  He gets more beautiful by the day.  Holy Moses, he is a cutie.

And I am TOTALLY not even being biased.   :D  Seriously!

Update on our DRC adoption:


Pathetic.  She was suppose to be home 2 weeks ago today.

And now?  Samuel may come home before she does.  YES SIREE.  8 weeks later, and nothing.

Why us?  Well, why not us, I guess.

Still I sometimes go on my email hoping and praying, pray and praying some more, that I will see good news.  Instead, it is more vegan stuff.  :P  ugh.

Update on vegaism:

I hate it.

But I cannot convince my husband any different.

Have I mentioned he is Irish?

OK, off to mail the last letter to my son.  Since it takes about 14 days to get there, this is the last day to mail anything.  This particular letter is 3 pages long.  Front & back.  I have discovered I genuinly enjoy writing letters.  Good old paper and pen.  I need to find someone to write to after this.

The Lord bless you and keep you.  Even if you reject HIM, it doesn't stop HIS grace and love for you.  <3  HE is great that way.  :)

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